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Welcome to Vortigern Studies!

Vortigern Studies has the internet's most comprehensive treatment of Britain's history from the end of the Roman era to Arthurian times. Edited by Robert M. Vermaat, this unique website focuses primarily on the person of Vortigern and the enigmatic earthwork called Wansdyke. It features narrative histories, original source documents and important texts, extensive bibliographies, reading lists, informative articles by guest writers, maps, polls and more.

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What was ? in 2002

December 5, 2002
Last calls, and a new guest article by Howard Wiseman: The derivation of the date of the Arthurian entries in the Annales Cambriae from Bede and Gildas.
New in the Bibliography for December:

  • No new items

November 11, 2002
Finally, a bit of an update of the Craig Gwrtheyrn article. A new picture at the Foel Fenlli map site.
New in the Bibliography for November:

  • No new items

October 6, 2002
No additions. I moved the 'Roman' bibliography to the new site, and removed the links pages for books, search engines and links pages.
New in the Bibliography for October:

  • No new items

September 3, 2002
No additions. I launched a new website about my re-enactment activities (Fectio at http://www.fectio.org.uk/), which will sadly mean less time for this site, at least for now.
New in the Bibliography for September:

  • Colgrave, B. and Mynors, R.A.B., eds. (1969): Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People, (Oxford Clarendon Press, repr. 1979).
  • Plummer, C.A.M. (1896): Venerablis Bedae, Opera Historica, (Oxford, repr. 1946).

August 3, 2002
Only a few additions over the holidays. New pictures at the Sitemaster page, the treasure of Rhayader and the Grave of Vortimer. Several spelling corrections elsewhere.
New in the Bibliography for August:

  • No new items

July 2, 2002
A few updates: with the kind and friendly help of Annemarie Speetjens, the translations of the Historia Brittonum (chapters 44-8), the early British Chronicle and the gloss in MS CCCC 139, fo 175r about Vortimer have been completed.
Completely new is A book by Fabio Barbieri: British History, 407-597 AD , about 600 pages of Dark Ages British history, exclusive to Vortigern Studies! This book provides great insight in the sources behind the history of the 5th century.
New in the Bibliography for July:

  • Meijer, Fik (2002): Keizers sterven niet in bed - van Caesar tot Romulus Augustus 44 v.Chr.-476 n.Chr., (Athenaeum).*

June 17, 2002
First, a new poll .. about time as well. Nothing much else, although there are very beautiful new images to be viewed with the articles about Nant Gwrtheyrn, Tre'r Ceiri (coutresy of Stuart Stevenson), Elise's Pillar as well as the Vitalinus stone at Nevern (courtesy of Chris Tolley). The latter pages are updated with new text as well.
New in the Bibliography for June:

  • Carroll, Maureen (2001): Romans, Celts & Germans, the German Provinces of Rome, (Tempus).*

May 2, 2002
More new source-material: I've added the early British chronicle-fragment wich mentions the name of Vortigern is its most ancient form. A long-term project is finally finished: I've updated the much-published but inferior Giles text of the Historia Brittonum with the Latin text of the Mommsen edition, as well as notes with different translations of later editors (whose texts are unfortunately not in the public domain). I've subsequently updated all pages where I quote parts of this text accordingly, with the notes linking back to the main text.
New in the Bibliography for May:

April 1, 2002
More new source-material: I've updated the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle with the Old English text. Also, a new guest article by Sheila Brynjulfson for the sources section: Geoffrey of Monmouth. And, at long last, I added a few more games!
New in the Bibliography for April:

  • Anglo-Saxon Charters on-line: ed. and trans. The British Academy - Royal Historical Society, at: http://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/sdk13/chartwww/charthome.html.
  • Bishop, M.C. and J.C.N. Coulston (1993): Roman Military Equipment, from the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome (Batsford).
  • Gardner, Willoughby (1932): Craig Gwrtheyrn Hill Fort, Llanfihangel ar Arth, Caermarthenshire, in: Archaeologia Cambrensis 87, pp. 144-150.*
  • Seeck, Otto (1962): Notitia Dignitatum, accedunt Notitia Urbis Constantinopolitanae et Latercula Prouinciarum (1876, repr. Minerva).
  • Tolkien, J.R.R. (1982): Finn and Hengest, the Fragment and the Episode, ed. Alan Bliss, (HarperCollins, repr. 1998).*

March 1, 2002
Plenty of additions this time. Apart from still not completed updates, I have added pictures to both tours of Little Doward and Arthur's Cave (courtesy of Joe Boyles & Jake Livingston). Also two new articles in the sources section: the Annales Cambriae (the English part donated by Sheila Brynjulfson and the Latin part added by me) and the text of Zosimus' Historia Nova, Book VI, with the dubious yet famous remarks about the loss of Britain to the Romans. I have also cross-linked the reprinted source-material in the texts and sources sections, to anticipate any confusion about what to find where.
New in the Bibliography for March:

  • No new items

February 18, 2002
A little late in the month, true. I've updated the site further, changing the section of Vortigerns Cities and adding images and maps in the process. Two more new guest articles by Joe Boyles and Jake Livingston, two very nice American chaps who travelled to Britain in both 2000 and 2001, visiting all kinds of Arthurian sites. They allowed me to use their reports of visits to Little Doward and Arthur's Cave. I am also endebted to Sheila Brynjulfson for her permission to host several of her excellent articles, recently gone from the internet when her site was lost. The first of these is Artorius, Ambrosius, Arthur - Questing for the Historical Arthur, King of the Britons.
New in the Bibliography for February:

  • No new items

January 1, 2002
A Happy new Year to you all!

Not much new on the site, just the usual new year's maintainance, and a new header, which I hope you like. I've separated the News sites of Wansdyke project 21 and the Arthurian Collection, as these have now their own, separate sites.
new guest-articles: David Capps: The Anglo-Saxon Settlement of England, and Harry Jelley: The Birthplace of St. Patrick.
New in the Bibliography for January:

  • No new items

Everything that went before can be seen at the '1999', the '2000' and the '2001' pages!

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