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Welcome to Vortigern Studies!

Vortigern Studies has the internet's most comprehensive treatment of Britain's history from the end of the Roman era to Arthurian times. Edited by Robert M. Vermaat, this unique website focuses primarily on the person of Vortigern and the enigmatic earthwork called Wansdyke. It features narrative histories, original source documents and important texts, extensive bibliographies, reading lists, informative articles by guest writers, maps, polls and more.

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What was ? in 2000

December 27, 2000
I have started updating the site, which means links will be out of order at times. Be warned, and best wishes to all of you for the next year! We'll meet again in the new Millennium...

December 14, 2000
A new update, and it ain't the first of the month! I have been working on a new layout, which is displayed on this page only as yet. However, the rest of the site will change gradually over the next weeks. It means a new banner, an in-site search engine on every page.
But MORE IMPORTANT:All main directory pages will be altered, for
new sub-directories for the main subjects wiil be created in the next weeks as well. The main reason for this change is that the site has grown so much over the last 18 months that I need to change it to maintain the site better.


I have added a temporary referral to all original pages, but these will disappear in time, so I suggest you'd best alter your bookmarks. The main structural pages (the info-pages if you will) stay the same, so entrance will remain guaranteed. They can be found below the banner.

The Arthurian Collection has received a new background, which I think does the site some good. This is the third time this year, I know. Also, the collection is now a proud member of four new webrings, the Modern Fantasy Topsites, the Alternative Reality Writer's Zone, the RPG fantasy Top 25 and the Fantasy News Network Top 100. Please Vote for us!

December 1, 2000
Four new articles, with which I think I've finished the 'Cities of Vortigern'-section: Foel Fenlli, Old Carlisle, Old Sarum and Rhaeadr Gwy.
new guest-article: Why Vortigern? by David White. The article by August Hunt is updated as well. Also, many new items in several linkspages.

Very new and welcome is the In-Site Search Engine SiteMiner from MyComputer.com! Search any word, name or title, if it's on Vortigern Studies, you'll find it. Below is a search box that will appear gradually throughout the whole website.

There are 6 new items in my (overhauled) Arthurian Collection:

  • Geoffrey of Monmouth: The History of the Kings of Britain, (ca. 1136, trans. M. Nieuwenhuis, Athaenum-Polak & Van Gennep 2000), a new translation in Dutch, maybe the first since the Middle Ages!
  • Mattthews, John and Caitlin: The Arthurian Book of Days-the greatest legend in the world retold throughout the year, (1990, repr. Brockhampton Press 1997). This very interesting and at first sight confusing book takes the reader through the year, step by step following the legend.
  • Cothias, Rouge (ill.): Les Heros Cavaliers 2 - La grande Ourse, (Glénat 1988). French original of a historic comic series about Arthur.
  • Cothias, Rouge (ill.): Les Heros Cavaliers 4 - L'Esprit de Vermine (Glénat 1994)
  • Cothias, Rouge (ill.): Les Heros Cavaliers 5 - Blanche Fleur (Glénat 1996)
  • Cothias, Rouge (ill.): Les Heros Cavaliers 6 - La Faim des Illusions (Glénat 1997)

November 1, 2000
Vortigern Studies has been awarded the British History 'Silver' 2000 Award! Needless to say, we're very proud of that.

I have completely reorganized the Bibliography into four databases; a Vortigern-, a Wansdyke-, a Roman- and an Arthurian database. Also, Vortigern Studies has joined the following webrings:
Fortunately, the
Ring of the Red Dragon has been re-launched, and of course I have stayed on. Next, we are proud new members of the Modern Fantasy Link Exchange, the British History webring and Merlin's Magical Grove. Unfortunately, the sheer number of them has forced me to create a separate webrings-page.

Also, the Arthurian Collection has joined the Fantasy & SF Webring. There are 12 new items in my (overhauled) Arthurian Collection:
  • Paxson, Diana L.: The Hallowed Isle, book 3; The Book of the Cauldron, and book 4; The Book of the Stone, (Avon 1999-2000). The two sequels that conclude this very successful historical interpretation of the Arthurian legend.
  • Snyder, Christopher A.: Exploring the World of King Arthur, (Thames & Hudson 2000), a very good book, full of drawings and illustrations, that takes the reader through Arthurian history and legend.
  • Rodolphe, Rouge: De Hemelsluizen 1 - 4, (Talent 1998). Four Breton-Arthurian comics (in Dutch).
  • Vandersteen, W.: De Rode Ridder 178 - Het Klooster van de Dood, (Standaard 2000), another album of the 'Red Knight' series.
  • (VHS) Doctor Who (9/156): Battlefield (BBC, 1989), a VHS of the famous Timelord and his battle against Morgaine. This 'Arthurian' story is centred on Lake Vortigern.
  • (VHS) Arthur, Myth and Reality, (Cromwell 1994). A Historical documentary by Susanna Shadrake and Nikolai Tolstoy about Arthurian fact and legend. Very good!
  • (VHS) A Kid at King Arthur's Court (1995). A 'tweenager' comedy about a modern kid who goes back in time to find his self-esteem...well, you know the drill.
  • Quest for the Grail, a trading card game of knights, adventure and chivalry in the days of King Arthur.

October 1, 2000
Not much new stuff, as I return from my holiday. However, three new articles: quotations about Vortigern from the work of Edward Gibbon, an article about the 'Caves of Vortigern' in Margate, Kent, and one about 'Lake of Vortigern', where some sinister things went on...
Sadly, This site is no longer a member of the Ring of the Red Dragon. This webring, I'm sorry to say, has not survived the fusion of Webring.com with Yahoo.
There are 10
new novels in my (overhauled) Arthurian Collection:

  • Barron, Thomas A.: The Lost years of Merlin, book 1, (1996, repr. Ace 1999), book 2: The Seven Songs of Merlin, (1997, repr. Ace 2000) and book 3: The Fires of Merlin, (1998, repr. Ace 2000), an interesting trilogy about the youth of Merlin, kinda like 'before he was famous'.
  • Bradley, Marion: Lady of Avalon, (1997, Penguin 1998), which is the prequel to Mists of Avalon.
  • Greenberg, Martin H. (ed.): Merlin, (Daw 1999), a delightful collection of short stories about the famous Arthurian magician.
  • Mallory, James: Merlin, part 3; The End of Magic, (Voyager 2000), the concluding part to the trilogy of the NBC miniseries.
  • Paxson, Diana L.: The Hallowed Isle, books 1 & 2; The Book of the Sword and the Book of the Spear, (Avon 1999), an absolutulely top-notch attempt at writing a historic novel about Arthur.
  • Roberts, Barrie: Sherlock Holmes and the Devil's Grail, (1995, A&B 2000), an adventure of the famous detective, taking him into wales and Arthurian connections.
  • Whyte, Jack: Camulod Chronicles, book 5; The Fort at River's Bend, (Tor 1999) and book 6; The Sorceror: Metamorphosis, (Tor 1999), the latest continuations of the already epic Camulod saga.

September 1, 2000
With the holidays slowly gliding by, no new articles this month. However, that does not mean this site is not updated - to the contrary!
First, due to the quality of the new mouse-over style link for those with Explorer, I have changed all in-text links to bold script. This has to ensure that none of them are missed, as I feared might happen (you can see what I mean below, where the older links remain unaltered).
Second, I have made changes to all articles that included maps. These maps may have been a lot of work, but they also caused slow loading of the page, and they were potentially infringing copyright. So, when I stumbled over the site of UK Streetmap, I changed the lot to links. Actually, this has improved the quality! The links show better maps, you can zoom and check out other features - better or what! To make up for this 'loss', I have added parts of 1891 maps of most of these sites. See what they looked like in the 19th century!
Last, I have (finally) created a new poll! Come and share what you thought the
'Dragons of Dinas Emrys' were about..

August 1, 2000
The monthly update: We have five new Guest-articles: Jason Godesky: The Vortigern Dynasty, Jason Godesky: The Dynasty of Vortigern, David Nash Ford: Vortigern and his Family, August Hunt: Cadell Durnluc and Vortigern and Michael Veprauskas: A Clerical Portrait of Vortigern? Also new on the site: the 'Grave of Vortimer' at Richborough, plus many updated earlier articles (see the sitemap).

June 28, 2000
Just when you were used to this layout..a new one! Today it's my 36th birthday, and to celebrate that, I've changed the layout of the whole site! Mouse-over effects, background, updates, drop-shadows on all images, etc. I feel the site is getting a more professional look this way, without being overly sophisticated - still no frames or other stuff that makes loading more difficult. What's more, a new article about Gloiu, the great-grandfather of Vortigern, but also six new articles about Vortigern and his Age in the sources. And, last but not least, four more new articles about Gildas - about his writings, his times, when and where he wrote.

June 1, 2000
The Arthurian Collection has now been moved to Yahoo! It can be found at http://www.geocities.com/vortigernstudies/bibliograrth.htm. In time, the site will be able to grow with reviews, scans of the covers and enlarged (but still shameless) e-commerce.

May 8, 2000
I have changed to Monthly poll to a 3-Monthly poll. This will give voters a better chance. I'm preparing a totally new layout and completing new articles in the Sources section (as promised), so Vortigern Studies will be incommunicado for a while.

April 6, 2000
This evening, Vortigern Studies has been online for exactly one year! To celebrate this, I have completed most of the 'Vortigern and the Sources' section: 19 new articles! From Eutropius in the late fourth century, through authors such as Ammianus, Orosius, Zosimus and Orosius, up to the first source for Vortigern: Gildas, which will appear, together with the remaining ten or so, in the near future.
A new
poll - April 2000. Click and Vote!
Vortigern Studies has also proudly joined up with a fourth and a fifth Webring:
The History Ring and the Ring of the Legendary Excalibur!

March 5, 2000
In the drive for competing the 'Sources'-section, I have added many new books and articles to the Vortigern Studies Bibliography, which has been altered a little. There are new Comics in the Arthurian Collection.

February 27, 2000
Vortigern Studies has a new 'HOME'-page! For all of those who fail to remember this site's exact adress (and let's be honest, who can?), here's the remedy: WWW.VORTIGERN.ORG.This is a one-page-only 'front door', the rest will remain where it is.
Next, a much-needed face-lift for the
Arthurian Collection - a new background image (dramatic, isn't it?), a banner and an updated in-site navigation. As part of improving navigation on all pages in both sites, many pages have been enriched with an Alta Vista search box as well.
Apart from this third
Monthly Poll, there are new links in the Arthurian Linkspage: David White's Arthurian page: 'King Arthur-a man for the Ages', and 'Camelot in Four Colors', a site about the Arthurian Legend in Comics.

February 6, 2000
A major update - a completely new style! I have changed the font from Arial to Verdana, which I think is much better to read, especially when very small and in italics. I've decreased the volume of the border as well, which gives the articles more space. All Vortigern Studies pages now have an (animated) banner, to advertise Vortigern Studies somewhat more. The navigation has been improved as well, and will eventually be followed by more search boxes and eventually an internal search engine.
Apart from this third
Monthly Poll, I have completed the Links pages and updated all geographical pages with new maps and a new style, which makes them stand out as different from the articles. I've re-scanned some of the larger images as well.

January 7, 2000
Only a week into the new year, and already an update! First, the second Monthly Poll has been added, including a Monthly Poll page with the result of the first poll.
Second, Vortigern Studies now has a
new Quiz with some twenty-plus questions to test the knowledge of the visitor. These questions will change, and for this moment deal only with Vortigern.
I've added two
new items for the Arthurian Collection:

  • Rosalind Miles, Guenevere, book 1; The Queen of the Summer Country (1999). This is the first part of a new romantic triology with Guinevere as the focal point.
  • Rosalind Miles, Guenevere, book 2; The Knight of the Sacred Lake (2000). The brand new second volume to this series.

Lastly, just a bit of fun: Vortigern is going to MARS! His name has been added to the CD-ROM that will accompany the next Mars Lander in 2001- let's hope that this one works...

Everything that went before can be seen at the '1999' page!

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